New Year, New Blog

Good evening fellow bloggers, family, friends, and visitors,

It’s a new year and I couldn’t think of a newer beginning for me than deleting my blogging past entirely and starting over fresh. In the past few weeks, I completely and totally lost the Cristy that I knew. The overly-conservative, overly closed off Cristy was gone. I grieved for her because I didn’t understand what had happened. She didn’t go down some slippery slope, leaving me little by little. She left in the blink of an eye. No matter how much I tried to get her back, she was unreachable. But, I got to thinking… maybe she wasn’t so great after all. Maybe that girl isn’t worth getting back. Sure, she was “safe.” Of course, she was “comfortable.” But, in 2016, this new Cristy doesn’t want to be comfortable. She wants to take risks, live, and love people for who they truly are, and not what she wants to make them into.

I’d like to start off this new year by introducing you to this new girl.. and this year, we will get to know her more together. Cristy has a passion for God and seeks to see Him in all of His creation. She’s afraid of confronting people because she has an eagerness to protect other people’s feelings. For every thousand words she says, a thousand more words are left unspoken because she is shyer than you may think. She runs 2 miles every morning  with her Cavalier King Charles and while running, she daydreams. Writing is her escape. Those thousand words left unspoken usually revisit her in essays, short stories, and blog posts. She gets lost in music faster than she does in alcohol. Singing cleanses her soul. She remembers unimportant details and probably overanalyzes them more than she should. She identifies with characters in novels more so than she does with people in real life. There are only a handful of people she’s really identified with personally. She’s kind, but she has a temper. She use to believe that love was patient, but discovered that it wasn’t; rather, love is desperate and consuming. She loves her job and her career, but would love to one day teach creative writing. Her friends are the best therapy. She hates shopping. She lives in a house, but wishes that she lived in a condo. She could spend an entire day watching netflix. Her favorite color is blue. Pink is okay, but she’s really not that obsessed with pink as people may think she is. Her relationship with pink is primarily based on a taste for vintage. Her style of dress is two things: Marlyn Monroe and Coco Chanel; bitch it up or tone it down. Her favorite dessert is vanilla ice cream and her favorite movie is The Notebook.

She doesn’t have to be perfect anymore, and for that, she breathes a sigh of relief. Cheers to a year to make mistakes, learn, grow, and love wholeheartedly without holding back. Cheers to desperate love, chasing dreams, and being happy. Cheers to true friends who never leave your side and come over at 2:00 in the morning to talk over a glass of wine. Cheers to sad tears, to learn from them, and happy tears that remind you you’re alive. Cheers to driving long distances just to think. Cheers to reading more books and writing more this year. Cheers to the God of the universe, who makes it all possible. Who directs my steps and comforts me, even when I don’t deserve it. Cheers to health; may we never take it for granted. Cheers to love, which keeps us going every day!




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