I love makeup, so does my soul

Why do we love makeup so much? I know I do. The colors, the shades, the pinks, the reds, and the bronzers. But, when you really sit down and think about it, doing your make up is a time consuming act. First, you need to lay the foundation on your face, followed by a good 20 minutes of doing your eye makeup. And eye makeup is a difficult task. You’ve got to make sure that your eye-liner line is perfect. You would think that because I’m ambidextrous (yes, it’s true, I can write with both hands), that doing my eye-liner would be a breeze. But, it’s not. Surprisingly, writing with both hands comes easy, but that doesn’t mean I can do everything with both hands… especially eyeliner. So, I spend some extra time doing the eyeliner for my right eye. What I enjoy the most is putting on eye-shadow. I love how it widens my eyes. When I’m feeling daring, I use up to two or three tones, hoping to look like a mermaid. So, why is this hard work so appealing? Why doesn’t everyone just go around al naturale? Wouldn’t is save women some extra hours in the morning, letting you sleep in a little longer? If everyone didn’t wear make-up, it would just be the norm. So, why obsess over the glitz and glam every morning? I’ll tell you why.

I use to dance ballet, and recently started to get back into it. Great workout, by the way. I recall that before a grand performance, the youngest girls would abound their faces with make-up, not to look sexy and stunning, but to fit in to their characters. To feel more like a swan, a nutcracker, a mouse, etc. In the world of theater and performance arts, a costume can become a crutch. But, once you are in that costume, you are no longer you, but rather, the character that you are portraying. Makeup is the daily costume. Right before an important interview or business meeting, I pile on the red lipstick and the mascara, as it makes me feel more mature and more professional. The red lipstick makes me feel more like a woman. The barbie pink lipstick, however, makes me feel like a hot chick ready to jump in a convertible and sing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Nude lipstick makes me feel like putting on a bikini and heading to the beach. No make up, bare and simple, leaves me feeling just like that… bare and simple. Now, a pretty face is a pretty face… so the issue is not one of confidence. It’s the lack of substance, the lack of the crutch for the character that I’m trying to portray on that day. Without the crutch, one must really work a lot harder to portray what they are trying to. The business woman in me has to rely on her strong and assertive personality (which by the way, is not my strong point). The Girls Just Wanna Have Fun girl has to rely on her witty personality and Elle Woods persona. The Kim Kardashian, nude lipstick type of girl has to rely on that relaxed and perfectly poised personality. And, who really has all of these characteristics down packed?

So, my soul craves makeup. It craves red lipstick to be assertive and strong, passionate and intimidating, just like Audrey Hepburn. It craves pink lipstick to be successful, feminine, and youthful, just like Elle. And the nudes, bronzers, and tans, to be perfect, poise, and beautiful, just like Kim Kardashian.



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