Falling in love with Ewok

The last thing I would have imagined to have happened to me this week happened! I fell head over heels for someone named Ewok. He has a wet nose, he’s exceptionally fluffy, and I just can’t wait to call him my own! Two years ago, I purchased the first dog I’ve had in my adult life. Her name is Luna Mia… and she lights up my world every day. You will never come across eyes like Luna’s. She’s perfect, she’s poised, and to call her angelic is an understatement. Luna is also quite the stubborn young woman.

When Luna was about one year old, I sensed her loneliness. I would arrive home at about 10:00 in the evening, exhausted. But, Miss Mia was eager to play. I realized that Luna needed a companion. But, who would be the perfect companion for the perfect girl? Which breed’s temperament would best suit the perfect personality of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? After weeks of researching, I came to the conclusion that only another Cavalier would be the perfect companion for Luna. Hence, we adopted Cody Tobias at 1 year old. Interestingly, Luna and Cody are only 1 week apart!

Cody is the complete opposite of Luna, but they compliment each other perfectly. They are indeed soulmates. Cody is a hyperactive, compulsive kisser. He’s the most obedient dog I’ve ever known. His hair is long and luxurious. He is active and will play with you at any time of day and he gives the best hugs! Luna and Cody are not to be separated even a moment. They do everything together: sleep, eat, run, walk, bathe. You name it. Luna and Cody are never apart.

So, from all of the above information, you can gather that the last thing on my mind would be to get another dog. I was not looking for another dog, as I have my hands full with my four-legged children. Indeed, I am a mom of over-grown infants. My kids can’t talk to me and tell me when something is wrong. My kids don’t tell me when their hungry, tired, etc. They can’t feed themselves. Thus, fur babies are just that, overgrown infants and when I say I’m a dog-mom, I take that pretty seriously!

Back when I was searching for Cody Tobias, I registered on petfinder.com. I never canceled my subscription for e-mail updates because I figured that even if I couldn’t take in another pet, I may be able to find someone who is interested, spread the word via social media, or even make a donation. I never expected for the following to happen. I received an e-mail telling me: “We found pets that match your search.” I opened it to find Ewok’s picture, a shitzu/poodle mix, often referred to as the teddy bear breed. Ewok’s little black hairs under his chin really made him resemble Ewok from Star Wars. I tried to get past this feeling, telling myself that with two dogs, I have enough loyalty, companionship, and work! But, I couldn’t get Ewok off of my mind. I just couldn’t picture him going to any other home but mine. His lack of shedding would make him a perfect bedtime companion. I found myself thinking of Ewok on my outings, like today, when I went to go do my nails, wishing that I had the little ball of fluff all to myself. Ewok would likely be the most portable of all my furry friends, particularly because of Luna and Cody’s inability to separate.

The suspense of hearing back from the shelter is irritating. I’ve e-mailed, called, and even showed up in person, only to find out that Ewok was neutered today, and not even present in the building! Alongside, news was delivered to me that several applications were filled out for Sir Ewok. Of course, I want the best for him. But, I really believe that the best is me! 🙂

I hope I can bring home my little furry friend soon… Luna Mia and Cody Tobias are ready to welcome their new friend!


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