Happy Travels!

Young happy woman with backpack standing on a rock with raised hands and looking to a valley below

Thus far, my year has been filled with many, many changes. I transferred to a different school to complete my master’s program, I started a new job, and I moved into a new house. And of course… I started this blog. I use to be terrified of change. I loved the simplicity and comfort that came with things staying the same. But, after adjusting to many of the life-changes I have already made this year, I find that I have  grown more as a person than I ever thought possible.

Those around me are stunned at how fast this year is going. After all, we are already in March. For me, however, the effect has been quite the opposite. How can it only be March when so much has happened since January? So much at work, at school. and my personal life. Time has actually traveled by slow, which I am grateful for because I have a lot more things to accomplish this year.

One of my accomplishments is actually following through in two weeks. I am traveling alone and visiting a city I have never been to. I hope to share about this experience in respect to what I’ve learned while being in a different city and interacting with different people, other than those in my home city. I hope that I can come back with a fresh perspective on life. I also hope to be inspired to write more short stories. As of right now, the whole story of Stephan-George is on hold because I have been extraordinarily busy. But, I am really happy that there are fans to that story, lol. I was really surprised when people messaged me asking me what happened to Stephan-George and Arnold LOL. As of right now, Stephan-George is still missing and Arnold is still pursuing her… I haven’t even written a draft of the second part of the chapter.

But, anyway… yes. I look forward to traveling. I have already made plans to travel in June, if all goes well. However, the second time, I will be traveling much further. I had planned to take the “far trip” this time around, but several factors did not permit it. I was having an anxious feeling about traveling to those two cities alone (it was a 2 part trip). Interestingly enough, when I tried to book the flight on jetblue, it just didn’t work. The computer froze. The website froze. And I was not charged a penny. I figured that G-d was trying to tell me something and I decided to fly somewhere closer instead. I dodged a bullet there. But, I’m willing to try again in June. I feel such a thrill when I think of traveling to these new places. I would love to see how people live, how homes look like, the culture of the city. It’s a beautiful world… it’s not worth being so confined.



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