Why Gay Rights and Abortion have NOTHING to do with one another

In America, our first amendment right is to religious freedom. This means that freedom goes both ways. The government cannot make everybody a Jew, a Christian, or a Muslim. Hence, there are going to be religions that endorse the union of homosexual couples. If you would like the right to practice the religion of your choice, you also need to allow for others to practice their own. All three of the monotheistic religions above, who condemn homosexuality, also believe that we are given free will. Hence, it is not our job, as humans, to take away somebody’s free will unless their wrongdoing imposes on other legal infractions, such as the death of someone. So, if a religion is sacrificing children, for instance, the law would become involved and persecute those individuals appropriately. However, this is not the case in the event of LGBT people. As far as I am aware, LGBT people are not hosting rituals where children, adults, or animals, are being sacrificed. Therefore, the government cannot, legally, infringe on their rights.

You have the right, as a citizen of this country, to condemn or condone homosexuality. This right is not taken away from you. Nobody can tell you what to believe. As a parent, you have the right to raise your children with whatever values you wish. As religious clergy, you have the right to marry whatever couples you chose. This also extends to heterosexual couples. If a clergy member refuses to marry an interfaith couple, this is also their right. This is called religious freedom. This has not been taken away from anyone.

However, regardless of your beliefs on homosexuality, you have no right to treat people as less than human. I cannot fathom that there are actual people AGAINST protecting another HUMAN BEING from getting terminated from employment or being evicted from their homes on the basis of who they are attracted to sexually. There are no grounds for this. I will use two examples. Suppose an Orthodox Jew married a Reform convert who did not perform a halachic conversion according to the written and oral law. In Orthodox Judaism, a conversion is not considered legitimate unless the convert performed the conversion through the Orthodox branch. Thus, the person who converted through the Reform tradition would not be halachically Jewish from the Orthodox perspective. This would be against the Torah commandments, as technically, this marriage would be comprised of a Jew and a non-Jew. I have yet to see an Orthodox Jewish funded organization attempting to remove these couples from their home or have them terminated from employment on the basis of their interpersonal relationships. In Christianity, there is a warning against being unequally yolked, and is typically explained in the context of marriage. It is not advisable to marry a non-Christian. Yet, I have seen no Christian organization on the internet advocating firing employees or evicting tenants based on marriage partners. All three of the religions above advocate for sex within marriage. But, I have yet to see a funded organization advocating the above for pre-marital sex offenders. In the view of Christianity, there is none righteous. So, on what basis is this sin somehow the worse, meriting unemployment and homelessness? I’m not talking about your beliefs on what is right and wrong and what is best for marriage, families, and children. I’m talking about equal protection under the law for discrimination that is a threat to life and safety of others. I cannot fathom why ANYONE who LOVES the Almighty and believes that we are all His children and His creation, subject a class of people to be treated as less than human.

Which brings me to abortion. Abortion is the legal murder of a child from inside it’s mother’s womb. I don’t care about what anyone says regarding choices and the woman’s body. Less than 1% of abortions are from rape, incest, and a threat to the mother’s life. I repeat: LESS THAN 1%. These incidents are isolated and should be treated as such. Thus, I won’t get into it too much. I will say that if the mother’s life is in danger, the baby’s life is in danger. Thus, the baby is not going to live if the mother dies. So, I don’t understand why this is an argument. If the baby is inside of the Fallopian tube, for instance, the mother’s days are counted. This would result in two lives taken. So, in this case, I believe that it would be justifiable. Nonetheless, this is a TRAGEDY! Any choice would have been a sad choice. It is a lose-lose situation. I know someone, whose identity I will not share, was raped, and chose adoption. Again, however, these are isolated incidents and comprise of less than 1% of abortions in the United States. Thus, treating them on an individual basis is completely doable. For the other 99%… if you chose to open your legs to get it in, you can put your big girl pants back on, and open your legs to get it out. You like choices so much? Well, you had a choice NOT to have sex. You had a choice to use protection. Choices were made that led to a pregnancy. Now, there is a human being living inside your body. It has a heartbeat. If bacteria is considered life on Mars, then how can we not see a baby’s heart as life in the womb? This is your CHILD. YOUR CHILD. You are so blessed to have one. This is  YOUR BABY. Two people came together and made A HUMAN BEING. This child KNOWS that you’re IT’S MOMMY!!! It already has a sex. Sex is already determined at the moment of conception. Bacteria on Mars doesn’t have a sex. But, your baby does! What more proof do you need that this is a human being? Killing anything with a heartbeat is murder.I recently posted on Instagram, a story of a saline solution abortion survivor. These abortions are performed after the first trimester. It involves a dosage of poisonous solution into the womb via needle. Labor is then induced and the woman will give birth to a still born. This woman survived the abortion and a secret adoption was arranged. The parents were then upset that an arrangement was done in secret, instead of providing truth to them that their baby was indeed alive. I’m sorry, but I heavily disagree with these so called parents. You attempted to murder your child and having that child taken away was an appropriate measure to ensure her safety. You were not cheated. Your child was cheated by you for having murderers as parents.

It’s simply not normal to have the desire to abort your CHILD. From the moment of conception, the process of bonding begins. The most natural thing in the world is to love your child. It is your own flesh and blood, attached to you. You are like one. It’s just such a beautiful expression of God’s love and of motherhood. It’s nature’s perfect bond. Thus, most of the time, abortions occur because the pregnancy was a result of sinful and uneducated circumstances. Children having sex with no sex education. First and foremost, I have to ask myself why children at the age of 12 are having sex to begin with. Why is there such little supervision? Why are we treating 12 year olds like their little adults? Their not. Children need to be treated like children. They need to be supervised. There has to be rules. There has to be protection in place for children. They not only need that, they deserve it! Childhood is so short. Why are we not protecting this and putting a fence around it? I blame parents, society, teachers, schools, and the media. All of it. 12 year olds are not little adults. They are CHILDREN. They shouldn’t be attending school dances. They shouldn’t be dating. They shouldn’t be having sexual conversations with members of the opposite sex. Children need adults to protect them and provide guidelines and rules. We are failing today’s children by treating them as older than they are. Secondly, sex education HAS to be provided at the appropriate times. I would suggest late middle school/beginning of high school. Sex education is not an attempt to promote sex. Sex education has to be approached from an educational standpoint and an anatomy standpoint. I am a religious person. I embrace conservative values. But, my Bible says that God made male and female. And teaching children that male and females are different anatomically and thus, are able to procreate children as a result, is just truth. To explain what sex is, how it happens, and how pregnancy and diseases are prevented is just an extension of learning the anatomical components of sex.

An egg on it’s own is not a baby. A sperm on it’s own is not a baby. I do not advocate for the protection of eggs and sperms. Every month, my unfertilized eggs leave my body through the process of menstruation. Their nothing but cramps and puddles of blood. But, if fertilized by a sperm, then that’s not my egg. That’s my baby. And if I’m not ready to be a mom, there’s a plethora of options, that don’t involve murder, and I would be the last person to stigmatize people who make those choices. I’m sure that all of those LGBT couples who can’t conceive would feel the same.

So, you can be pro human rights and anti-abortion. After all… doesn’t that make the most sense?




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